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It’s not just a treat, it’s a treatment

Your Love And Sex Life Benefits From A Couple’s Massage.

Additionally, Couples Massage Provides A Wide Range Of Health And Well-Being Benefits For Both The Therapist And The Recipient. As Energy Is Released And Circulated, It Balances The Body’s Emotional, Physiological And Muscular Functioning As A Result Of Massage.

When It Comes To Couples Massage, What Are The Advantages?

  • Same Level Of Calmness; Emotional Tie-In
  • Involvement In The Group
  • Affection

Libido Is Increased As Well.

Because Our Clients Converse, Interact With Looks, Smiles, Jokes, Or Simply Rest While Receiving A Couples Massage, The Effects Are Felt And Noticed Very Immediately.

Even In Quiet, The Sensation Of Receiving A Massage From A Loved One Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity.

Massages For Couples Increase Bonds.

Couples Massages Give Couples Who Don’t Have Enough Time To Spend Intimate Moments The Chance To Do So. Anecdotal Evidence Suggests That Massage Increases Your Desire For Physical And Emotional Closeness With Your Spouse By Increasing The Body’s Production Of The “Happy Hormones”: Dopamine, Oxytocin, And Serotonin During The Massage.

Massage For Couples Health Benefits

Couples Massage Has The Added Bonus Of Leaving Both Parties Feeling Satisfied And Rejuvenated At The Same Time.

Both Of You Will Be Able To Forget About The Stresses Of The Day And Relax While Easing Any Form Of Muscle Contracture, Allowing You To Have Better Freedom And Even Encouraging You To Attempt New Things.

When The Body’s Processes Are In Harmony, The Benefits Of Couples Massage Are Unmatched.

In Addition To The Relaxation And Complicity That The Experience Of Receiving A Massage Together Provides, Both People Will Experience A Desire For Tenderness And Intimacy Following The Massage. When You And Your Relationship Have Reconciled, It Is As If You And Your Partner Have Relaunched Your Feelings And Left Behind The Disputes And Misunderstandings.

Couples Massages Have A Variety Of Sexual Benefits.

It Is Possible To Boost Even The Erotic Sensation Of A Couples Massage Because A Sedentary Lifestyle Causes Muscles In The Back And Torso To Be Free Of Weariness, Pain, And Immobility.

Massages Increase The Flow Of Lymph And Blood, Making The Skin More Receptive To Caresses And Foreplay. As A Result, You’ll Have More Fun In The Bedroom And Your Lover Will Be Blown Away By Your Increased Sensuality.

You And Your Spouse Will Have A Wonderful Complicity Connection And Sex Will Be A Chance To Practise New Sensuous And Pleasurable Sensations If You Are Free Of Tension.

In What Way Does The Couple’s Massage Differ From That Given To Singles

You And Your Loved One Can Enjoy A Couples Massage At Gitzi On Adjoining Massage Tables, Where You Can Select The Type Of Treatment You Desire Or Have The Same Massage Performed By Two Of Our Qualified, Validated Massage Therapists From Our Catalogue. And With A Lot Of Experience.

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