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It’s not just a treat, it’s a treatment

To Make The Massage Easier To Enjoy, Prepare For It.

Your Therapist’s Hour-Long Massage Session Usually Passes By In A Flash. Prior Preparation Can Help You Obtain The Greatest Benefit From The Massage, Even If It Doesn’t Cure All Of Your Disease. For Your Next Massage, Here Are A Few Pointers.

In Order To Facilitate The Removal Of Toxins That Are Reintroduced Into The Body During The Massage, Hydration Is Critical Prior To The Procedure. Staying Hydrated Is As Simple As Sipping On Water Or Herbal Tea. To Prevent The Stimulating Effects Of Tea, Coffee, And Alcohol, It Is Important To Keep An Eye On What You Eat And Drink.

Eating Sensibly Is A Good Rule Of Thumb

Although It May Not Disturb Your Massage Therapist, Having A Rumbling Stomach While Digesting Food Can Be Humiliating. If You Are Concerned About Being Hungry And Making Gurgling Noises, It Is Best To Eat At Least One Hour Before The Massage Or Eat A Fruit Or An Easily Digested Food.

Take A Long, Hot Bath.

Your Muscles And Skin Are Massaged By The Therapist’s Hands As He Or She Utilises Them To Brush, Tread, Knead, And Massage You. The Best Way To Prepare For A Massage Is To Feel Fresh And Clean. Even If You Have To Go Back Into The Shower After The Massage To Remove The Excess Oil Or Gel, Your Muscles Will Be Able To Relax Because Of The Heat Of The Water On Your Body.

Dress Comfortably.

Despite The Fact That You’re Receiving An Oil Massage On Your Skin, It’s Easy To Overlook The Importance Of What You Wear. Wearing Comfortable Clothing Before And After A Massage Can Not Only Put You In A Relaxed Condition, But It Will Also Help You Maintain That State. Even Shoes Are Not An Exception. Avoid Wearing High Heels. Inappropriate Leg Contractions May Occur As A Result Of This.

Preparation Is Key.

If You Arrive 10 To 15 Minutes Early For Your Massage, You’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Fill Out Your Health Questionnaire. It’s Also Possible To Wander Over To The Bathroom For A Drink Of Water If Necessary. If You Wait Until The Last Minute And Arrive With A Racing Heart And Lack Of Breath, You Will Have To Work Harder To Unwind During Your Massage.

Clearly Express What You Want.

A Health Questionnaire Is Completed And Any Extra Questions Are Asked Once The Therapist Greets You. All Of Your Personal Preferences, Desires And Expectations Are Due At This Point. Your Therapist Will Appreciate It If You Tell Them If You Want Them To Spend More Time In A Certain Area Or Avoid A Certain Location. Inquire About What Kind Of Pressure You Prefer. If You Have Any Worries, Share Them. Your Therapist Will Be Able To Better Satisfy Your Requirements If You Are Open And Honest About What You Need.

Allow Yourself To Unwind While Receiving Massage Therapy.

As The Therapist Works Their Magic, Remember To Slow Your Breathing And Go Deeper With Each Exhalation. As A Result, You Will Be Able To Lessen Your Stress And Expel Bad Ideas. Effort Will Be Minimal, If Not Nonexistent. There Is No Requirement For You To Assist Your Therapist In Lifting Your Arm Or Head.

Do Not Hesitate To Tell Your Massage Therapist About Any Difficulties Or Preferences You May Have During The Session. By Taking Advantage Of Every Opportunity, You’ll Be Able To Reap The Full Effect Of This Therapy. Too Hot, Too Cold. Increasing Or Decreasing The Level Of Stress. Light Can Be Bright Or Dim. Music At A High Or Low Volume. A Gel Or An Oil A Combination Of Both. As The Client, You Have Complete Control Over The Experience.

The Massage Was Excellent!

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