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Tantric Massage – What Is It?

A Tantric Massage Can Only Be Described As A Tantric Massage When We First Understand The Concept Of Tantra Itself. From The Eastern Concept Of Tantra Comes An Intriguing Term That’s Worth Exploring. This Refers To An Individual’s Spiritual Growth. To Put It Another Way, Tantric Massage Aims To Free The Soul And Expand It.

It Is Ultimately The Ultimate Goal Of This Practise To Generate And Regulate An Energy Capable Of Raising The Individual’s State Of Consciousness And Wholeness.

A Sacred And Ultimate Figure Of The Body Is The Fundamental Axis Of This Entire Procedure. The Erogenous Zones Are Aroused By Tantra, Allowing The Individual To Gain Insight Into Their Own Selves Through Sensations.

If You’re Interested In Tantra, You Need To Keep In Mind One Of Its Fundamental Principles, Which Is The Acceptance Of One’s Own Existence.

Although Orgasm Is A Possible Outcome Of Tarot, It Isn’t The Primary Goal Of Tarot. Even Though It Is True That It Retains A Strong Relationship With The Genitals. Specific Names Are Employed To Describe The Human Body’s Most Private Parts.

When It Comes To Men, For Example, The Male Genital Organ Is Referred To As Lingam, Which Translates To “Wand Of Light”. However, It Is Known As Yoni, Which Translates As “Holy Sanctuary Or Temple” For Women.

It Is Important To Understand That In Tantric Massage, True Penetration Does Not Occur During Sexual Intercourse. When We Talk Of Tantric Massage, We Usually Think About Sex Or Sexual Life, Although Tantra Has A Wide Range Of Applications, Including Relaxation And Healing.

For The Practise And Application Of Tantric Massage, It Isn’t Necessary To Be Naked, Although It’s Encouraged To Get The Most Out Of The Experience. As A Result, Heated Oil Is Commonly Utilised From The Feet Up To The Neck For Massage.

Why Should You Have A Tantric Massage?

In Addition To Enhancing The Sexual Desire Of A Couple, This Massage Is A Fantastic Way To Relieve Stress And Learn About Our Own Bodies:

Helps To Establish A State Of Equilibrium Between The Mind And Body

The Tantric Massage Is More Than Just A Fetishistic Pastime. ‘ It’s Essentially A Relaxing Technique That Aids In Achieving Both Physical And Mental Equilibrium.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

The Goal Of The Many Techniques Used In This Type Of Massage Is To Induce A Feeling Of Relaxation In The Recipient.

Recognize And Accept Our Physical And Emotional Well-Being.

Possesses A Calming Effect.

Breathing Becomes More Efficient.

In Order To Alleviate Stress And Restore Equilibrium, Diaphragmatic Breathing Is Required Throughout The Massage.

Boosts The Couple’s Physical And Emotional Bond

If The Person Receiving The Massage Is A Guy, The Lingam Should Be Stimulated By The One Doing The Massage (Male Genitalia). For A Woman, The Yoni (The Female Genital Organ) Must Be Aroused.

Is Erotic Massage Different From Tantric Massage?

We At Euroinnova Provide A Wide Range Of Tantric Massage And Tantra Practise Instruction. There Is A Common Misconception That Tantric Massage Is A Form Of Sexual Massage. As A Result, We’ve Outlined The Fundamental Differences Between Tantric Massage And Erotic Massage.

In Both Erotic And Tantric Massage, The Goal Is Sexual Pleasure And Ejaculation, But In Tantric Massage, The Goal Is The Development Of Consciousness.

For Erotic, The Goal Is To Arouse; For Tantric, There Is No Objective At All—Even If The Goal Is To Heal. Conscious Contact Lacks Any Kind Of Intent.

Love, Acceptance, And Devotion To The Person In Front Of Us Are All Shown Through The Tantric Massage Therapist’s Demeanour: You Are A Conduit Of Unconditional Love. A More Sexual Than Loving And Sensual Approach Has Been Taken Through The Use Of Erotic Massage.

Tantric Massage Is Not Superior Or Inferior Than Sexual Massage, But Rather A Judgement Based On Religious And Social Norms. Depending On The Person’s Personal And Spiritual Path, There Are A Variety Of Massages Available. Erotically-Charged Tantric Massage, On The Other Hand, Doesn’t Involve Tantric Massage.

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