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Shiatsu Massage: What It Is And Why You Should Use It

If We Spend A Lot Of Time Sitting At A Desk Staring At The Computer, Our Physical Health Suffers As A Result Of Our Stressful Daily Routine. It’s A Good Thing That There Are Treatments Like Shiatshu Massage That Can Help You Heal And Maintain Your Overall Health.

For Shiatsu Massage, There Is No Single Source. A Variety Of Eastern Practises And Knowledge, Largely From Japan, But Also From China, Are Included Into This Approach In An Effort To Achieve Body Equilibrium.

This Type Of Massage Involves The Use Of Fingers, Notably The Thumb And Palm, But Also Feet, Elbows And Even Knees, With Various Stretches And Mobilizations, Focused On Specific Locations. In Shiatsu, “Pressure” (Shi) Is Combined With “Finger” (Shi) (Atsu).

However, It Is Not A Therapy That Aims To Alleviate A Specific Condition, Such As Muscular Type, But Rather, Its Goal Is To Stimulate And Assist In Achieving A State Of Entire Equilibrium. With These Benefits In Mind, It’s Most Suited For Treating Minor Disorders That Have Evident Palliative Effects, But It Can Also Serve As A Preventative Measure.

Shiatsu Massage Works On Both The Body’s Metabolism And Mental Condition, Bringing Them Together And Allowing Us To Better Understand Our Own Requirements.

Shiatsu Massage Preparations

Because Of This, The Location Of The Shiatsu Massage Is Critical. Open And Ventilated Settings, Even Calm Outside Areas Like Gardens, Are Acceptable As Long As They Convey The Tranquilly And Peace Needed To Welcome You With Open Arms In A Welcoming Manner.

Wearing Comfy Clothing Is A Must For Those Who Receive The Gift. Relaxing Music Can Also Be Used By Some, While Others Prefer Silence.

All Massages Begin With What Is Termed “Chi,” Which Involves Spinning The Body’s Energy In Order To Find And Heal Any Underlying Issues.

Shiatsu Massage And The Organization’s Positive Effects

An Amount Of Pressure Is Transferred At A Given Rate From One Portion Of The Body To Another.

Involvement Of The Hands In A Shiatsu

A Shiatsu Massage Therapist Uses A Technique Known As “Meridians” To Apply Pressure To Specific Points On The Body.

The Goal Of Stress Therapy Is To Increase The Flow Of Chi, The Vital Energy Believed To Hasten The Healing Process.

What Blocks Chi Can Contribute To Many Different Diseases, According To Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Although Shiatsu Has Not Been Shown To Enhance Health, It Is Considered To Relax The Nervous System, Increase Blood Flow, Reduce Tension, And Alleviate Pain.

A Shiatsu Session Is Defined As The Following:

Using Their Thumbs, Other Fingers, And Palms, Massage Therapists Apply Deep Pressure In A Continuous Pattern.

For Two To Eight Seconds, Use Your Fingertips To Apply Pressure To Your Skin.

At The Points Of Pressure That Are Stimulated, The Patient May Feel Soreness, Such As A “Sweet Ache.”

It’s Important That If The Patient Starts To Feel Uncomfortable, They Let Their Therapist Know So That They Can Stop Or Alter The Pressure As Needed.

It Is Not Necessary To Use Oil In This Sort Of Massage As In Others, And The Patient May Be Dressed Loosely.


Relaxation And Disease Prevention Are Two Of The Primary Benefits Of Shiatsu.

Arthritis, Back Pain, Headaches, Sinus Difficulties, Constipation And Sleeplessness Are All Thought To Benefit From The Use Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Shiatsu Has Not Been Proven To Have A Good Impact On One’s Health.

However, There Is Strong Evidence That It Is Good For Us.

Stress And Exhaustion Can Be Alleviated With The Use Of This Product.

For Individuals Who Have Undergone Six Months Of Treatment, Research Has Revealed That The Symptoms Of Muscle And Joint Disorders Have Decreased.

Regardless, One Must Exercise Caution If They Opt To Do Shiatsu.

After Getting The Okay From His Dr, He Should Look For A Qualified Professional.

Shiatsu Isn’t For Everyone, Either.

Shiatsu Can Have Detrimental Consequences On Pregnant Women, Cancer Patients, Those With Osteoporosis, Blood Clotting Issues, And Heart Disease Sufferers.

Those Who Have Recently Undergone Surgery, Open Wounds, Infectious Skin Diseases, Bruises, Traumas, Tumours, Hernias, Or Recent Fractures Should Avoid It, As Should They.

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